Autumn 2021 - Monday night - Section 6
The Doncaster Diamonds played Eley Park Netburners.
Unfortunately lost in straight sets 6 - 0.
The photo is of both teams.

Front left is Tina Aslanidis, 3rd left is Jenny Mooney, 2nd from right is Debra Fryer, Right is Angeline Scotter.
June 2021

We had three teams play finals.
Autumn 2021 - Tuesday night - The Demons Section 6 played Knox.
Unfortunately lost by two games, were 3 sets all.

Jack Maxwell, Gihan Senanayake, Jian Hou, Budi Salim.
June 2021

Autumn 2021 - Section 14
The Wilsons played Box Hill Rattlers.
They won 6 sets straight.

Hatem Mourad, Ricki Ong, Wilson Chan, Simon Kwan.

Autumn 2021 - Section 10
The Who won 4 sets to 2 against The Vermont Smash Brothers.

Tim Gilbert, Billy Karakassis, Peter Karakassis, Stephanie Tkalcevic and Vas Socratous.

Section 1 lost - Well done to get into finals girls!

Andrea Sorrenti - Dale Steel - Jody Simpson - Laura Cardamone - Lisa Richardson (C) and Nina Socratous

June 2021

Section 2 EDWTA grand final - Wednesday competition won ! Well done ladies 👍

Jenny Mitchell - Judy Ramanauskas (C) - Bronwyn Dreher - Marie Mansour - Shirley Whitaker

June 2021

Court Key Refund Offer

Current members who have a "Court Key" will be able to apply for a refund of $20. However, the Club has faced substantial loss of income due to the various COVID lockdowns over the past 15 months. You may wish to consider waiving your right to a refund to support your club at this time.

The offer form is attached.

Court Key Refund Offer 2021.pdf

Please complete the form and return your key as outlined.

How to book a court - for a Junior member

A parent (or guardian or "Main contact") can book a court for a junior member.

Just make sure you are acting on their behalf by clicking your name in the top-right corner and selecting the junior member's name.

That should get us past most "Access denied" errors.

Night Tennis starting soon

Open mixed doubles competition will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

Call Vas on 0409 432 633 by Friday 7th May 2021.

How to book a court -- members only

Doncaster Tennis Club is going to use online tools hosted by Tennis Australia to book our tennis courts and manage memberships.

All members will need to book a court online at Prices for members are unchanged: booking is free during the day; and $25/hour for a court under lights at night.

Before a member can book a court they need to have an account at that is linked to their Doncaster Tennis Club membership.

For current members (who renewed their membership in July/August 2020) the first step will be receiving an email (probably on Thursday, 22 October 2020):

Subject: Invitation to Doncaster Tennis Club on Play Tennis

From: Doncaster Tennis Club <>

Hi <First name>,

James Manger has invited you to register with Doncaster Tennis Club.

Register or login now


On clicking the link in the email, most people will need to register (create a new account). That includes choosing a password to sign-in with, or linking to a Facebook or Google account (avoiding the need for another password). A few people may already have an existing account at from previous activity with Tennis Australia, in which case you can just login.

Once you can sign-in you can "Book a Court". There are links to the booking form from the club's website ( and from

  1. Choose the day you wish to play using the calendar tool 📅 or the arrows beside the date.

  2. Check all the courts — not all 12 are visible at once — using the large arrows beside the court numbers.

  3. Pick an available slot.

  4. Complete the booking by adding other players: + ADD PLAYER > Choose Player > New Player > enter name & select "Member"

  5. Read the COVID-19 guidelines and tick the box, then CONFIRM your booking.

You will receive an email confirming the booking details.

COVID19 restrictions will apply initially, only allowing 10 people at the courts at a time. Only 5 courts will be available (3, 4, 5, 6, and 12). Use the arrows to check if court 12 is available.

If you cannot attend, make sure to cancel your booking so others can use the court.

A new tennis net and a cabinet for our AED (Automated External Defibrillator) are improvement at the club.

These projects were supported by Manningham City Council’s Community Grant Program.