Book a Court

The club uses the Book-a-Court online system hosted by Tennis Australia.

Members: Day free; Night $5.50 / 30minutes / court; Guests $3 / 30minutes / guest.

Public: Day $9.50 / 30minutes / court; Night $15 / 30minutes / court

A booking confirmation email (or SMS) will include a booking PIN. Enter the PIN then # at the gate (even if it is already unlocked). The PIN starts working 15 minutes before the time of the booking.
Note: It can take a few minutes for the gate to learn about a new booking.

If you cannot attend, make sure to cancel your booking so others can use the court. The cost is automatically refunded if cancelled more than 6 hours before the booking. If rain prevents play the booking will be refunded when you email the details to

A parent can book on behalf of a junior member: after signing-in, click your name (or 👤) in the top-right corner and choose the child you are booking for. The booking confirmation will go the the child's email address or phone number.

Members must list all the people who will be playing with them (choose ADD PLAYER). Booking may be cancelled if no other players are listed. For non-member guests playing with a member the fee is $3 / 30minutes.

Add a fictional player named "by myself" (marked as a member) if you will be practicing by yourself.

To book for longer than 30 minutes, first select the start time then on the "Make a booking" box change the time it runs until -- it is a drop-down list. You can make 1 booking per day, for up to 2 hours.

Lights come on automatically when 3 conditions are met:

Consequently, lights may not switch on at the start of a "night" booking if it isn't dark yet; and lights may switch on for a "day" booking if it is very gloomy. All courts have new LED lights.

Members may make bookings for today or the next 3 days; 1 booking per day of up to 2 hours. The public can make bookings for today or the next 2 days; 1 booking per day of up to 2 hours. These limits are subject to change.

You need to sign-in to make a booking, for which you need to register at (the software is called ClubSpark). The general public are welcome to register and book courts. Registration involves choosing a password, or linking your account to Facebook or Google.

How to book a court - for a Junior member

A parent (or guardian or "Main contact") can book a court for a junior member.

Just make sure you are acting on their behalf by clicking your name in the top-right corner and selecting the junior member's name.

How to book a court