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Annual membership at Doncaster Tennis Club runs from 1 August to 31 July of the next year. Members can book courts during the day without charge, and under lights for a discount ($7.50/30min), 7 days a week. Members can book courts before they are available to the general public. Members are eligible to play in competitions.

2021/22 memberships:

  • Junior: $156 / year -- 18 or under ($130 from October)

  • Student: $180 / year -- full-time student ($150 from October)

  • Senior: $180 / year -- over 60 ($150 from October)

  • Adult: $216 / year ($180 from October)

  • Family: a discount for families of 3 or more; contact the membership secretary for details

A pro-rata reduction applies for members joining after August. For instance, a member joining in January pays 7/12 of the annual fee (eg $126 for an Adult for the 7 months from January to July inclusive).

COVID discount: Members who paid for a full year membership in August 2020 will receive a 25% discount on a 2021 full year membership reflecting the long lockdown last year.


Please pay by direct debit to Doncaster Tennis Club's bank account at Bendigo Bank. Use your name as the transaction description.

BSB: 633-000

Account: 14285-5220


A separate fee for each competition covers registration, tennis balls, and lights (for night competitions). The committee will set the price for each competition; indicative costs are shown below. An invoice will be sent at the start of each season.

  • Pennant: $60 / season

  • Junior: $24 - $30 / season

  • Adult: $24 - $40 / season