First aid -- There is a first aid kit and A.E.D. (automatic external defibrillator) in the clubhouse. You can also ask a coach.

Lights -- All courts have LED lights. Lights come on automatically when 3 conditions are met:

  1. There is a booking for the court

  2. The PIN for that booking has been entered at the gate

  3. The light sensor judges that it is dark enough to need lights

Booking PIN -- Enter the PIN then press #, even if the gate is already unlocked.

It can take 30 minutes for the gate to learn about a new booking (Tennis Australia are working to reduce this).

The booking PIN starts working 15 minutes before the time of the booking.

Parking -- Limited parking is available in Athenaeum Way.

  • 24 × 1P (8am-5pm Mon-Sat) permit area -- RED lines
    Members and visiting teams can park for longer by displaying a parking permit on their dashboard; visiting teams can ask the home captain for parking permits

  • 22 × 3P (8am-5pm Mon-Sat) -- WHITE lines

Please don't park in the church car park.

Committee -- A volunteer committee of management look after the club. The committee meet on the first Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the clubhouse (Monday after the Melbourne Cup in November, and not in January).

By-laws -- members are obliged to conform to the club By-laws (also knows as the Rules of the Association).

Bin duty -- Each month one person is responsible for a few tasks (approximately fortnightly):

  1. Empty the little black bins from each court (none on 4 or 10) into a wheelie bin

  2. Empty the 5 small wheelie bins into the large wheelie bin (red lid) by the entrance; the small wheelie bins live: near the cool water fountain, beside pathways near courts 9, 11, & 6, and near the entrance

  3. Sweep leaves from all pathways, putting them into garden waste wheelie bins (green lid)

  4. Clear the top of grates over drains (near courts 1, 7, etc); and remove any litter on courts and around the premises

Vicky (coach) has kindly offered to remove leaves from court 12. There is a rake, leaf scoops, and a garden waste bin on court 12.