Three EDWTA DTC teams win Grand Finals

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Congratulations go to all these teams for winning Grand Finals. Well done to all. 
Our Wednesday Section 3 
Anyia Wang, Amy Nie, Ella Du, Wendy Wen. 
Our Section 2 
Jenny Mitchell, Judy Ramanauskas, Bronwyn Dreher, Margaret Dreher, Shirley Whitaker. 
Our Section 4 
Chris Hogan, Jenny Mooney, Nicole Angarano, Jill Morrison, Ky Lian. 

Doncaster Diamonds beat Blackburn Flyers

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The Monday night Ladies Section 8 team, the Doncaster Diamonds beat the Blackburn Flyers to win the Grand Final 4 Sets to 2. Well done team!
Monday 25 Novemember 2019
L-R Angeline Scotter, Debra Fryer, Jenny Mooney, Debra Bourke, Anne Oatley, Natalia Beeston (C).

Junior Christmas Breakup 2019 Sunday 24th November

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Round Robin tournament 
Free Sausage sizzle / Drinks / Fruit 
Presentation of the Club Championships 
Trophies and Prizes for tournament

Our World Number One makes front page

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Our World Number One

posted 29 Oct 2019, 02:06 by Doncaster Tc   [ updated 29 Oct 2019, 02:06 ]

Annual General Meeting Announcement - Monday 21st October 2019 at 8pm

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Dear members,

A reminder that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is to be held on Monday 21st October 2019 at 8.00pm in the Clubhouse.

All members are welcome to attend and are encouraged to do so. The meeting lasts for less than one (1) hour and provides an opportunity for all members to meet the Committee of Management and hear the latest issues concerning the Club.

Attendees are not expected to join the Committee, but we are always looking for more Committee members.

Tennis Victoria top 50 club

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Doncaster Tennis Club is now the 11th largest club in the state of Victoria.

Junior Championships Draw SAT.14th Sept. & SUN.15th Sept.

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SAT.14th Sept.
9.00am    -  12/U Boys – G.Tse, J Lian, H.Herman, N. Dhaliwal
                  10/U Boys – T. Ma, C Matthews, L.Chen, S Gu
                  Open Boys Singles – S.Dang, C.Zhou - match continued.
                  14/U Boys Singles - T. Diao, R.Ong, L.Ip, W Morrison
                  10/U Girls Doubles Final – J.Ortega, T Herman, J.Hermann, S. Thiyagu
9.30am  -    Open Boys S/F - P.Apostolou, B.Karakassis
10.30am -   12/U Girls Doubles Final – L.Gibson, W Ip, N.Wang, M. Gorrell
                  14/U Girls Singles Final – J.Lok, S Karakassis
                  14/U Boys Singles S/F ‘s - E.Butson , B.Wang
11.00am  -   10/U Boys Singles S/F’s – N.Chan, A Kulkarni
12.30pm  -   12/U Boys Singles S/F’s - M.Zhou, J. Siah
1.30pm   -   10/U Boys Doubles S/F - Matthews/Chen, Ma/Gu
                  14/U Boys Doubles Final – Morrison/Ong, Wang/Ip
2.00pm   -   12/U Girls Singles Final - E.Sklavenitis. L.Gibson
                  Open Girls Singles S/F - C.Yew, S Karakassis
                  Open Boys Doubles S/F - Karakassis/Tino, Zhou/Butson
2.30pm   -   12/U Boys Doubles - B & A Raya, H.Herman/ J.Lian, B.Yang/ A.Huang, G.Tse/ A Andika

SUN.15th Sept.
9.30a.m. -   12/U Boys Doubles S/F -  M.Zhou,N.Dhaliwal
              -   16/U Boys Singles Final  - C. Zhou, J Li
2.00pm   -   Open Girls Doubles Final – A.Dang, C.Yew, J. Lok, E. Sklavenitis
Finals for all remaining  events to be played on 15th - Times To Be Decided between participants.

Our WDTA wins Grand Final

posted 3 Sep 2019, 04:49 by Doncaster Tc   [ updated 4 Sep 2019, 03:30 ]

Congratulations to our WDTA mixed rubbers B Special 2 team on winning the GF.
Players were James Manger, Renee Paterson, Gail Norman and David Gibbs. Thanks to Sue Smith and Michael Lee for their contribution throughout the season.

Our coach Vicky Lee wins top award

posted 27 Aug 2019, 01:34 by Doncaster Tc   [ updated 27 Aug 2019, 01:37 ]

Congratulations to our coach, Vicky Lee, on winning TCAV’s Coach of the Year for 2019.

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