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Please note that ALL courts will be in use ALL day for the Tennis Seniors
We apologise for any inconvenience to Club Members.
Doncaster TC Committee of Management

DTC Audi Doncaster Men's Open Singles Winner

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Congratulations to Abhinav Mahjadan. He is the 2018 winner of the Doncaster Tennis Club Audi Doncaster Men's Open Singles event.

Well done to our Thursday HDWTA grand final winners

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DONCASTER  2.5.52  def  ST HELENA  2.5.50

A hard fought match but came through by 2 games!!! Thanks to Brony Dreher for being our emergency and helping us to get to the finals - Kelli Hugo for being part of the team but due to injuries couldn’t play final.

Ozzie Kaya, Nina Socratous (C), Chelynne Sotto and Marie Mansour

Ozzie Kaya, Nina Socratous (C), Brony Dreher, Chelynne Sotto, Marie Mansour and Kelli Hugo

2018 DTC Club Champ Draws (Sun Mar 25th schedule)

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Saturday March 24th and Sunday March 25th

Event Notes:

We want all players to play their matches, so we will accommodate if you need a schedule change, just ask us. We will aim for all events to be completed by Sunday March 25th.

However, in the event we run out of time or inclement weather, the period between April 1st and april 15th, which can be used to finish
matches at a time mutually agreed up by the opponents.

NOTE: If you are running late please sms Vicky 0403 129 648 so we can cater accordingly.

All times are an estimate, and are subject to change, every endeavor to run on time will be made.

* Be sunsmart! We encourage all players to wear a hat, use sunscreen and wear light coloured clothing.

Let the battle begin!

Club Championship Event Team:
Gail Norman
Jill Morrison
Nina Socratous
Vicky Lee

Click here or on image below to download Event Information

Tennis Seniors Social Tennis Tournament 2018

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Sunday 29th April
11:30am for a 12pm start 
Presented by Doncaster Tennis Club. 
Open to club members, TSV members and guests aged 35 years and over. 
Format: Doubles Graded Round Robin. 
Sections (for both men and women). 
Cost: $20 per player (less $5 discount if you join TSV), $15 TSV members,
$15 host club members. 
Prizes: To top player in each section. 
Entries: To Nina Socratous 
Ph. 9848 7315 or 0400 799 024

Entries close Friday 27th April

Vicky Lee is in the running for Victorian Coach of the year

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Senior Club Championships 2018

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Entries Close: Friday March 16th
Click here or on image below to download entry form.


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Midweek Ladies Tennis Christmas Breakup 2017

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EDWTA Season 2 2017 Section 4 Premiers

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Grand Final Winners - Wednesday Section 4 - L to R - Renee Paterson -  Jan Freestone - Tina Aslanidis (C) and Jill Morrison - Also team members Chris Hogan and Yvonne Clarke

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