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Nina Socratous becomes life member of Doncaster Tennis Club

posted 3 Nov 2015, 01:42 by Doncaster Tc   [ updated 7 Nov 2015, 19:04 ]
Nina joined the Doncaster Tennis Club on 24 September 1985 and has been a continuous member for 30 years. 

Nina joined the Committee in 1996 as a general Committee member. 

She held the position of Vice President in the 2 following years as well as being the House & Grounds co-ordinator. 

In 2005 Nina again joined the Committee as Mid Week Ladies President which she held until 2010. During this period she also held the position of House & Grounds co-ordinator from 2006 until 2010. 

In 2014 she was again elected Mid Week Ladies President and joined the Committee of Management along with being House and Grounds co-ordinator. She still holds these Committee positions to date. 

In summary, Nina has been: 

General Committee Member 1 year. 

Vice President 2 years 

Mid Week Ladies President 8 years 

House & Grounds co-ordinator 8 years 

In addition to her roles on the Committee, Nina has competed in Mid Week Ladies competitions for many years (two competitions per week at present), has played Saturday afternoon competition, Pennant competition and has on occasions played night tennis competition. 

Nina’s powers of persuasion are renowned throughout the club and her ability to “get things done” is an inspiration to others around the club. She is always on the lookout for improvements that can be made around the club and promotes Doncaster Tennis Club whenever the opportunity arises. 

Nina has also been instrumental in co-ordinating a Tennis Seniors Victoria tournament hosted by Doncaster Tennis Club. 

She has always supported (or co-ordinated) social activities including Trivia Nights, Round Robin Social Nights, Mid Week Ladies Grand Final/Break up Nights and many other social and fundraising activities. 

Mike Hindson