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Midweek Ladies Celebrate Grand Final End-of-season Dinner

posted 18 Sept 2015, 23:41 by Doncaster Tc   [ updated 19 Sept 2015, 01:47 ]
On Tuesday night 8th September, the Midweek Ladies held a dinner to celebrate the end of their tennis season.
They enjoyed a delicious banquet of dips and mixed charcoal grill at the Greek restaurant at Jackson Court.
With wine and Greek music playing in the background, the ladies remembered past defeats, victories, friends and family.
“It was wonderful. They really looked after us. We went there last season and decided to go again,” said Nina Socratous, the Midweek Ladies President and also an extremely active Doncaster Tennis Club committee member.
There are five teams in the mid-week competition ladies tennis, two teams on Tuesday, two teams on Wednesday and one team on Thursday.
Section A4 Tuesday team played against Eley Park Tennis Club from Blackburn South in the semi finals, but sadly lost.
Despite the loss, the mid-week ladies committee organised the celebration which is usually at night after the grand finals.
In the past, these events were traditionally held at the club house.
The ladies would usually bring roast chicken, hot chips and a variety of salads.
Nowadays, they all prefer to go out, relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards.
Nina says that it’s easier now.
“We’re trying to make it simple.”

For more information about Midweek Ladies Tennis, call Nina on:
9848 7315 or 0400 799 024.