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Junior Championships Draw SAT.14th Sept. & SUN.15th Sept.

posted 11 Sept 2019, 03:05 by Doncaster Tc   [ updated 11 Sept 2019, 03:08 ]
SAT.14th Sept.
9.00am    -  12/U Boys – G.Tse, J Lian, H.Herman, N. Dhaliwal
                  10/U Boys – T. Ma, C Matthews, L.Chen, S Gu
                  Open Boys Singles – S.Dang, C.Zhou - match continued.
                  14/U Boys Singles - T. Diao, R.Ong, L.Ip, W Morrison
                  10/U Girls Doubles Final – J.Ortega, T Herman, J.Hermann, S. Thiyagu
9.30am  -    Open Boys S/F - P.Apostolou, B.Karakassis
10.30am -   12/U Girls Doubles Final – L.Gibson, W Ip, N.Wang, M. Gorrell
                  14/U Girls Singles Final – J.Lok, S Karakassis
                  14/U Boys Singles S/F ‘s - E.Butson , B.Wang
11.00am  -   10/U Boys Singles S/F’s – N.Chan, A Kulkarni
12.30pm  -   12/U Boys Singles S/F’s - M.Zhou, J. Siah
1.30pm   -   10/U Boys Doubles S/F - Matthews/Chen, Ma/Gu
                  14/U Boys Doubles Final – Morrison/Ong, Wang/Ip
2.00pm   -   12/U Girls Singles Final - E.Sklavenitis. L.Gibson
                  Open Girls Singles S/F - C.Yew, S Karakassis
                  Open Boys Doubles S/F - Karakassis/Tino, Zhou/Butson
2.30pm   -   12/U Boys Doubles - B & A Raya, H.Herman/ J.Lian, B.Yang/ A.Huang, G.Tse/ A Andika

SUN.15th Sept.
9.30a.m. -   12/U Boys Doubles S/F -  M.Zhou,N.Dhaliwal
              -   16/U Boys Singles Final  - C. Zhou, J Li
2.00pm   -   Open Girls Doubles Final – A.Dang, C.Yew, J. Lok, E. Sklavenitis
Finals for all remaining  events to be played on 15th - Times To Be Decided between participants.