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How to book -- for 2 hours

posted 30 Oct 2020, 00:06 by James Manger   [ updated 7 Dec 2020, 02:43 by Doncaster Tc ]
Book for 2 hours by changing the UNTIL time
To book a court, first find an available court & time on the booking sheet. Click the 1-hour slot when you want to start playing. The next screen lists the court, date, from and until times for the booking. On this screen you can change the until time to book for longer than 1 hour.

The current configuration (30 Oct 2020) allows each member to make 1 booking per day, for 1 or 2 hours. Booking can be made for today or tomorrow. This configuration is likely to change as corona virus rules change and the club sees how much demand there is for courts.